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Tender Buttons


wood, car and various electric elements 

20" x 16" x 3"

The Talk of the Town
October 13, 1934 Issue

Tender Buttons: A day with Gertrude Stein
By Janet Flanner, James Thurber, and Harold Ross

Miss Stein always drives, and Miss Toklas rides in the back seat, squealing and jumping, for they say that Miss Stein is the worst driver in the history of automotive engineering. She takes corners fast, doesn’t put out her hand, drives on the wrong side of the street, pays no more attention to traffic signals or intersections than she does to punctuation marks, and never honks. Now and then Alice will lean over from the back seat and honk. They haven’t had any accidents. One writer who visited her had a fake wire sent to him from Paris calling him back, because he was afraid he’d be killed in the Ford.

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